About Us

Our Purpose
To sponsor a refugee family regardless of their ethnicity or beliefs, welcoming them in the name of Christ, whose love compels us.

Foundational Principles
Core beliefs: love, grace, hospitality and justice

We believe…

• refugees are people made in God’s image and are, therefore, worthy of respect and dignity. (Genesis 1:26-27, Psalm 139:13-14)

• we are to love the refugee as we love ourselves. (Leviticus 19:34, Mark 12:31)

• we are to love all people. (Matthew 5:43-48, Luke 10:33)

• we are to be hospitable and welcome the stranger. (Matthew 25:41-43, Luke 14:12-14, Romans 12:13, Hebrews 13:1-3, 1 Peter 4:9)

• we are to do what is just and right, rescue those who are being oppressed and do no wrong to the foreigner. (Jeremiah 22:3)

Our Leadership Team
Sue Fulmore (Lead/Chair)
Lise Plamondon (Assistant)
Dan & Aimee Kehler (Donated Items Coordinator)
Randy Plamondon
Ernie Clintberg
Dale Evert
Rene & Crystal Hoekstra
Nick Kasper