Practical Help

Once our family has arrived, they will require a lot of day-to-day support and we will need lots of people to help with practical needs, especially rides to appointments and language classes. In talking to other churches who have sponsored a refugee family, we have been told that the family will require daily support for the first 4-6 months after they arrive. We are all busy people with jobs and families to tend to and not one of us can do this on our own so we need many people to be involved. If we all give a little of our time, our family will be well supported.

We have grouped tasks into 9 categories and assigned a team lead to each category. To help in a particular area, please contact the team lead for that category.

HOUSING - Do you have a house or condo that you could rent to us below market value? Please contact Lise Plamondon.

HOUSEHOLD GOODS - Want to donate items for the home? Contact Aimee Kehler

MEDICAL/DENTAL/HEALTH RELATED APPOINTMENTS - Are you able to help our family find a suitable doctor, dentist and other health professionals as needed. Teach them about 911, where the closest emergency room is located, etc? Contact Sue Fulmore

GROCERIES/CLOTHING/BANKING - Do you want to help our family learn how to grocery shop and economize? Help them setup us basic banking and learn how to use bank machines, etc? Teach them where to shop for clothes on a budget? Contact Lise Plamondon 

COMMUNICATIONS - Set up internet access, help adults to enroll in ESL, set up translators to be available when they arrive, for critical medical appointments, etc. Contact Nick Kasper

EDUCATION/SCHOOLS - Help the family register their children for school, help them to adequately prepare their children for school with the proper supplies, equipment, etc. Work with them to communicate with the teacher and school officials. Contact Christine Ridderikhoff

EMPLOYMENT - Help the Dad secure employment and provide empowerment and mentorship. Contact Nick Kasper

COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS - Help the family integrate into Canadian society, as well as connect to social groups where they might feel most at home. Invite them to local festivals, free exhibits, sporting events, etc. Help children understand what is available to them in their local community area for social and community events as well as sports. Contact Crystal Hoekstra