Here are some ways to help you be with Jesus during this season.


The team at Rockpointe Church (Matt Boda who was our guest speaker in August is there Senior Pastor) has done a great job at putting together this advent devotional. If you're looking for a way to study through the Scriptures this Advent here's a wonderful way.

Click here to Download Rockpointe Church's advent resource.

Intentionalize Your Time

With a Rule of Life

Being back at home can easily to allow everyday to bleed into one another, and if you're looking for ways to internationalize this season we recommend exploring the practice of a rule of life. 

A good resource for this is the one that Bridgetown Church in Portland has provided. You can adapt Bridgetown Church's Rule of Life for yourself during this month.  During this season when its easy to get caught up in the busyness of Christmas and the strangeness of celebrating during Covid, let's work on slowing down and making time and space for Jesus in our lives.

Advent Sermons

If you're looking for some additional Christmas themed sermons, you can listen to last year's advent series here. In this series we walked through some of the songs of Christmas from the gospels.

Advent Music


This album by BiFrost Arts is a wonderful and reflective collection of Advent music. Perhaps your looking for some music to still you or give you peace, if so give it a listen.

This album by Andrew Peterson is a great meditation on the Christmas story. It features something that you never knew you needed, a sing-a-long version of Jesus' genealogy from the gospel of Matthew. Seriously though this folk album is fantastic listen and super well written.