Child Dedication
    Child dedication is a reason to celebrate!

    At SPAC we believe that your parental influence and example has the greatest impact on your child’s spiritual development. As a church and a children’s ministry, we are excited to partner with parents in this journey but hope that ultimately, it is the parent who will teach children what it means to follow Jesus. Child dedication is the first step in that journey.

    Child dedication is all about the parent’s commitment to God. Your example, starting with Child dedication, will help point your child to Christ. Child dedication does not ensure salvation or forgiveness of sins; that is only found through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Rather, it's an opportunity for parents to declare their intention to raise their children in an environment where their child is encouraged to love and follow Christ. It's also an opportunity for the church family to show our love and support for your family. This is a beautiful start to a child’s journey of faith.

    If you are interested in finding out more about the child dedication celebration and about what it means to nurture your child’s spiritual growth, please contact our office to learn more.