Prayer is not simply the process of giving God our wish list. Many times we ask for things that seem to be what we need, but later recognize that had we gotten them, they would have been far from our best interests.

    Neither is prayer a way to alert God to our needs. God knows our needs even better than we do and He needs no formal reminders about where we are and what we're up against. Prayer is in no way a squeaky wheel designed to manipulate God into remembering us.

    One of the most primary purposes of prayer is to spend time in conversation with our Father. It is a vital practice for a growing Christ follower. 

    At SPAC we are committed to:
    •     creating an environment where people can pray and be prayed for.
    •     teaching people how to pray.
    •     resourcing our small group leaders to lead their groups in prayer.
    •     raising prayer support amongst our people for the leadership of our church.

    Here are some of the ways we pray corporately...

    Sundays - We spend time in prayer as part of our weekly gatherings. There is also a Prayer Corner space available to anyone who wants to meet with our Prayer Team following every service.

    Praying for Children and Youth - If you would like to pray for the children and youth of our church and community, let Pastor Tiffany or Pastor Matt know! They would love to provide you with a child to pray for.

    Youth & Prayer - Wednesday nights (Sep to May) from 7-9 pm, there is a prayer corner set up for youth grades 7-12 to go and pray on their own or be prayed for by one of their youth leaders. Youth are encouraged to access the prayer corner anytime during the evening.

    Prayer Link - This is an emergency prayer chain through which you can access the power of prayer. Contact the church office to be added to the group.

    Staff Prayer - Every Tuesday morning our staff meet to pray for the needs of our church family.  If you would like to make a prayer request for this time, please fill out an I'm New card which can be filled out and dropped off at our InfoDesk on Sunday or contact the church office.

    Healing Prayer - Our Elders are available to pray with you for healing following Sunday services or contact Pastor Graham to set up an appointment time.