Backyard Camps
    Backyard Camps are opportunities for us to connect with the community around where we live by hosting a fun, four-day children's program packed with games, crafts and storytelling from our own homes and backyards!

    When are the camps happening?
    Backyard Camps will be running for four days, from July 22-25, for 2 hours each day.

    Who are the camps for? SPAC kids or the community?
    The answer is both! Although our primary goal is outreach - and we have registration restrictions in place such as a maximum amount of children from SPAC per site - we also view this as a great opportunity for SPAC families who live near each other to connect. If you live near a site, we would love for your child to bring along a friend and join in on the fun happening in their neighborhood! These camps are for children in Kindergarten to Grade Four.

    Before we can determine how many camps we can run, we need hosts and volunteers! If you are available to serve as a host (those willing to run a Backyard Camp site out of their home) or can help out as a volunteer at one of our sites, send a message to Pastor Tiffany, or sign up at our InfoDesk on a Sunday morning.

    Child safety is a big priority for us at Stony Plain Alliance.
    ith all of our Children's events and programming,
    our volunteers at each site are required to meet our Plan To Protect guidelines.