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SPAC will be opening its doors to our brand new building and relaunching in-person Sunday gatherings beginning on Sunday, April 4! It has been both an interesting and exciting journey to get to this point and we cannot wait to welcome our SPAC family and community into its new home after over a year of not being able to meet together consistently. God has been very good to us in providing us with a beautiful new home and the privilege of now being able to gather in it.  


On Easter Sunday at 11am, we’ll be kicking off our new hybrid service of both in-person and online - A service for EVERYONE! This means that although we are still not able to offer Children’s Ministry like we formerly used to, due to the extensive covid restrictions for children’s ministry, we are creating a service that families are invited to. This service will be one hour in length and will be interactive for all participants of every age. The new auditorium space will be physically set up to make it as comfortable for parents and children and everyone else as possible. Our relaunch video will show you what you can expect when you arrive at the church on Sundays.  

Our services for EVERYONE will continue to be created to also reach our SPAC family and broader community who will remain joining us online. We’ll still have live hosting specifically for our online family and you will be drawn into each service through interactive questions and conversations.    

At this time there will be one service offered, but if pre-registration fills up ahead of time, another service will be added.   


In case you have more questions of what to expect and how SPAC is functioning within our provincial covid guidelines while gathering, here is some additional information and hopefully the answers to your questions. We thank each one of you for your grace and cooperation in respecting and following these practices and guidelines together in order for our services to go safely and smoothly.  


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Pre-registration: The capacity of our auditorium space has been limited to ensure physical distancing can be maintained, therefore pre-registration for services will be required. Pre-registration for each Sunday service will close at midnight the night before. Click here to register or call the church office, (780) 963 -2082.

Arrival: Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before the service starts to allow time to sign-in and be seated by our First Impressions Team.  

Entrance: Please enter the building through the main entrance. Our First Impressions Team will be waiting outside to greet and guide you.  

Foyer: When you arrive, please line up physically distanced from others in the entrance and foyer. Floor markers will help you with this. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the foyer which we ask everyone to use upon entering.  

Sign-In: Our First Impressions Team will be waiting to help you check-in, offer additional face masks if necessary and answer any questions you may have.  

Seating: Our First Impressions Team will help each person or family find a seat in the auditorium. You will be asked to sit with your family and to please keep the space of three chairs between you and another household.   

Exit: Once our service has ended, our First Impressions Team will dismiss each row. Please wait for this signal before exiting through the auditorium doors and the marked exit doors in the foyer.   

Physical Distancing: Before, during and after our gathering, we ask you to practice physical distancing and to please leave the building immediately after each gathering. We encourage everyone to socialize outdoors in the parking lot in groups of 10 while maintaining physical distancing.  


SPAC will have all AHS health and hygiene protocols in place for our in-person gatherings, meetings and services in our building.  

  • Entrances and exits will be clearly marked to ensure a smooth, safe flow of traffic and to limit exposure. 

  • Floor markers will be placed on the floor to help maintain physically distancing between households.  

  • Physical distancing of two meters will be maintained between households. 

  • Hand sanitization stations will be readily available throughout the building and all those entering will be asked to use hand sanitizer or to go directly to the washrooms to wash their hands.  

  • Seating will be set up to ensure physical distancing is in place and trained staff and volunteers will seat each person and family.  

  • Tables and chair seating will be made available to families with young children if they would like to use it. 

  • All high-traffic areas, high-touch surfaces, and washrooms will be cleaned and sanitized before each gathering.  

  • Face coverings or masks are required. 

  • No coffee will be provided during or after our gatherings during COVID-19.  

  • Services will be crafted to reach everyone present and will be one hour in length to accommodate families with young children. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to wear a mask or have a face covering?

As long as the provincial mask mandate remains in effect, we ask anyone entering the building to wear a face covering or mask and to keep it on at all times. Masks will be made available when you check in if you require one. In line with Alberta school guidelines, children age 8 and under do not need to wear a mask, however for children 8 and under, we leave mask wearing up to the discretion of the parents/guardians.

What if I qualify for an exception to wearing a mask?

If you qualify for an exception to wearing a face mask, you do not need to provide proof. However, we would encourage you to contact us to discuss other options and requirements such as wearing a clear plastic face shield and following all other public health measures, such a keeping 2 metres from other households.

Will there be singing?

Congregational singing is permitted at this time but must be done while wearing a mask and maintaining physical distancing. Exception: The only exception is our worship leaders on stage who will not be required to wear a mask while singing, as they will be surrounded by plexiglass shields.

Will there be Children’s Ministry?

The significant covid restrictions around having formal Children’s Ministry, as well as our transition around leadership in our Children’s Ministry area, are delaying our ability to resume Children’s Ministry as we know it. Over the next few months, we will be figuring out what Children’s Ministry at SPAC will be able to look like as well as working hard to reconnect with our young families. In the meantime, we encourage our families with young children to give our services for everyone a try, as we are working hard to creatively accommodate our SPAC family of every age in our services.

Are guests welcome?

Everyone who is healthy and not experiencing symptoms is welcome to attend. We encourage guests to pre-register as well so we can ensure adequate seating.

What about communion?

When we have communion, we will provide communion elements in pre-packaged, single-use units that contain both communion juice and a wafer. These will be available to you before you are seated.

What about offering?

We will not be passing the offering plate during our services or providing a debit/credit machine. Instead, we will have a box in the foyer where you can leave an offering envelope (if you are in need of more offering envelopes, please contact the church office and we will mail them to you). However, we would encourage you to consider giving online if you are able to. All the information for our online giving options can be found on our Giving Page.

What if someone who attends is found to have COVID-19?

If someone who attends a SPAC in–person service or gathering tests positive for COVID-19, you will be contacted by the SPAC office as well as by Alberta Health Services to notify you of this development. AHS will provide you with instructions and a process to follow. While we are doing everything possible to provide a safe environment, anyone attending an in-person gathering or service is doing so at their own risk.

How do I register?

There are multiple ways to register: Website: Go to the Upcoming Events page on our website. On the calendar, click on the service you would like to register for and follow the prompts. Phone: Call the church office at 780-963-2082 during office hours and we'd be happy to complete the registration over the phone. CCB: Go to the CCB login page and click on 'Calendar' OR log in and find the registration on the calendar under events. If you need assitance with any of these methods please don't hesitate to call the church office and we can walk you through it.

What if I have more questions?

If you still have more questions or concerns about how services will function, please contact Pastor Kimberly at or 780-963-2082.