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This summer as we go about our working, vacationing and living, we want to embrace the call to bring the presence of God with us wherever we go. 

As you visit parks, go for walks, have a BBQ with neighbours, etc., we invite you to partner with Jesus in small, tangible ways. This could be a short prayer of blessing, a long, prayerful walk, connecting with friends – old and new, or quick moments of gratitude. 

And then... let us know! Fill out the form and we'll add it to the map. If you're tracking along with the Family Challenge you can submit your adventures here, too.

Check out the map below as we plot out where our SPAC family has been WITH JESUS this summer!

Share with us how you are being with Jesus this summer and bringing the light of Christ wherever you go.

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We're mapping out our collective journey of being with Jesus so that even when we’re apart, we can remain on mission as a church family and encourage one another to PRACTICE THE WAY OF JESUS TOGETHER.