Matt's Christmas Album Recommendations

I love Christmas music, so much so I may (much to my wife Sam’s chagrin) start busting these albums out in July just because there are some days where I need to hear these songs. Now to be clear I don't pine for the cold winter days, but just for the joy of Christmas music. There are so many Christmas albums that I could recommend, but who's got time for that so here's ten of my favourites! 

How can you go wrong with Charlie Brown's Christmas. The special is great, but the music is maybe even better. This is a fantastic Jazz album and great background music for your dinner time or zoom party.

This album is a collection of four yearly EP's that Beta Radio released over the years. It's a fun banjo and acoustic guitar album with strong harmonies. 

No one sings I'll be Home for Christmas or Blue Christmas like Elvis. Perhaps its the nostalgia and reminding me of my childhood, or maybe its just a timeless album, but its so good.

Sufjan's indie folk Christmas albums are so awesome and so strange. They are super fun and yet so quirky. His reinterpretations of some classic hymns are so wonderful and his new songs like put the lights on the tree are so fun.

I really enjoy this album from Ohio's Over the Rhine, its one of their three Christmas albums that they've released over the years. This is a great album to sit down in front of the fire with a good book. I love the sweetness of the title track.

This album is a collection of Christmas singles that Sleeping at Last released yearly. Its really well done musically and worth a listen. Some of my favourites on it are the Christmas Waltz and O Holy Night.

I know that the Beach Boys don't scream Christmas and winter, but this album is so good. The harmonies are of course top notch, and their interpretations of some songs are just so fun. The highlight of the album are Little Saint Nick and I'll Be Home For Christmas.

This album by indie folk darlings She & Him is one of two Christmas albums they've released. It's fun and sweet sing-a-along with some great reinterpretations of some Christmas classics.


  1. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 

  2. How the The Grinch Stole Christmas 

  3. Elf 

  4. Charlie Brown Christmas - 

  5. Mickey Mouse Christmas Carol

  6. Santa Claus

  7. Home Alone

  8. The Star

  9. The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special

  10. Miracle on 34th Street

  11. White Christmas

  12. It’s a Wonderful Life