Reach Beyond

When we look forward to the next 10, 20 even 30 years we know that our current facility will need major renovations and expansions. Based on our vision, the projected growth of our community, consultation with our District, constraints in our current aging facility, consultation from builders, input from our congregation and after much prayer our Elders made the directional decision to build a new facility rather than renovate what we have. The reality was simply that the opportunities and advantages afforded us by a new site outweighed staying where we are.

As we move forward we will continue to invite your input and welcome you into this exciting new faith venture. God is at work, we believe and trust in Him for a great future as a church. Funds raised during the three year Reach Beyond campaign will be designated 90% towards a new building (local), 5% towards Chris and Rhea Logan's church plant in Edmonton (regional) and 5% towards global compassion work in Guatemala and Cambodia (international).

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