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At Stony Plain Alliance Church we are about practicing the way of Jesus together. This is a life of apprenticing with Jesus - being with him, being like him, and doing what he does. This is what we believe is the path to what Jesus called fullness of life, or what is often called the good life. Anyone who has tried to live this life knows it takes hard work and intentionality, and so we have crafted apprenticeship groups to help you on the way.


Apprenticeship groups are based on intentionally building relationships that support you growing in your relationship with Jesus. They meet in groups of 2-3, and go weekly or bi-weekly (whatever works best for your group). There are four main movements to an apprenticeship group meeting; confession, scripture, practices, and prayer. For more information on what this looks like, you can download the Apprenticeship Group Guide HERE.


For more information about Apprenticeship Groups and for help getting started, contact Pastor Matt at

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