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Doctrine of Discovery

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

In September, we committed to being a community that listens and learns well. Before we can practice reconciliation, we must be people of truth -- who do the hard work of listening to the stories of brokenness and acknowledging our collective role in the midst.

A few weeks ago, our staff watched a video on the Doctrine of Discovery together and were profoundly impacted. We want to widen the learning circle and invite everyone who has interest in Indigenous Truth & Reconciliation to watch.

The documentary was created by the Anglican Church of Canada and is available on YouTube, you can find it HERE. If you’re a notetaker, you can download and print the booklet we created when we gathered as a church community to watch the film together as part of our Listening and Learning Series.

Come, Holy Spirit!

Teach us truth.

Teach us humility.

Teach us a new way forward.


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