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  • Ben Mueller

King of My Time

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Over the past few years, time has been an area of my life that has been difficult surrender to Jesus. I’ve struggled a lot with mental health, and one of the ways I have coped with this has been to keep myself busy. I’m a student, so it was easy to blame my lack of time on my chaotic university schedule, and even though that was a part of it, my lack of time wasn’t entirely due to things outside of my control.

I was keeping myself constantly on the go with assignments, classes, friends, work, and any downtime I actually had was spent numbing my mind with hours of Netflix. I made sure I didn’t have enough time to confront or acknowledge the need for restoration of my mental health. Lately, I’ve been realizing that this way of living isn’t sustainable.

This is a journey I’m still on, but Jesus has opened my eyes to the fact that the way that I am living is not marked by the fullness of life he offers. He’s calling me to more, and a way to step into that is to surrender my time. Jesus is calling me to offer him control and let him have Kingship over that area of my life by intentionally taking time to slow down, so that he can breathe peace and restoration to allow space for the healing of my soul.


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