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  • Kimberly McElroy

King of My Treasure

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

In my early thirties, due to a number of extremely challenging experiences, I found myself starting over again in life. Financially, I had to rebuild completely, from the ground up.

During this season, I learned how to live on nothing, to get creative, to rewire my brain’s relationship with earning and spending, to be grateful for what I had and be honest in talking to Jesus about what I needed. Despite having nothing, I also wanted for nothing. Despite having nothing, it became so much easier to share what I did have, literally without a second thought. Having nothing came with the gift of clarity to see that I am in control of nothing and that my hope is not in the security and future I can build from earning money, but rather what I find myself with, is all a gift.

Within the last year I found myself in a position of trying to figure out what do with a significant sum of money. How should I save/invest it for the future? I suddenly found myself fighting with a gamut of emotions such as scarcity, greed, pride in the need to control, and then anxiety about my resources and future. I started to pray “Jesus, I acknowledge that this money was provided by you. What do you want me to do with it?” And in a moment my spirit knew I needed to give it all away. Very quickly after that I became aware of a significant need and I was so grateful I could give this money toward it.

Recognizing that Jesus is the King of my Treasure means surrendering my financial resources to Him. It means believing that He will provide for my every need, that He will show me when to save and when to give away, and that my hope is in Him and not in financial security.


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