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  • Stony Plain Alliance Church

Longing for Light

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

We asked our community to creatively interact with our advent themes and submit their creations to that we could share and celebrate them together.

Here are the lyrics of the song created by Sheleena Boulianne that we have been singing in our services for the month of December.

Verse 1

Longing for light

Longing for daybreak

A good world made for peace

Broken by suffering

You’re setting all things right

Redemption of all things

We set our hope on you

On the light that’s breaking through


New day dawning

Rising sun

Baby born now

The Holy One has come

Bringing mercy

For all we need

Holy Child of Light, we’ve waited

Now we give you everything

Verse 2

Still now our hearts

Cling to the dark

Unsure of how to hope

Wondering how to feel

Created for the light

But shrinking into the night

We need your help to see

The light that’s breaking free

Chorus ...Now we give you everything...


All our worship

All our praise

All our attention

Every moment of every day

All our fear

All our pain

All our stubborn love of darkness

All our broken ways



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