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  • Stony Plain Alliance Church

New Light

We asked our community to creatively interact with our advent themes and submit their creations to that we could share and celebrate them together.

Enjoy this poem from Amanda Krause.

The stars have faltered,

Their twinkling stilled.

This pitch-black darkness

Too long has filled

The skies above me,

My heart, my soul;

I'm lost, held captive,

No way to console.

“Be still, in wonder,

Do not be afraid.”

As this darkness plagues me,

It obscures the true way.

Your promise still calls me

to hope for the day

When all prayers are answered

In your dawning light

The rising of wonder,

We behold this great sight:

The star o’er a manager,

The king as a babe,

The sun will soon rise

To the most glorious day

For on the horizon, a warm winter glow

Soft incandescence, a glimmer of hope

The sun’s rays are shining,

A break in the dark,

Jesus has come now, so open your heart,

Step out of the night, there’s new light from above

For hope, joy and peace,

And Emmanuel’s Love.


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