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  • Ben Mueller

PLEASURE | March 6-11

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

I’m sure a lot of us can relate to having busy lives. There are things that we simply need to do out of necessity. Paying bills. Grocery shopping. Taking your dog to the vet because they ate an entire onion. And after a while, life feels draining. And when we finally have free time, we try to compensate for the pleasure that we missed out on. Bingeing your favourite TV show, continually scrolling on social media or anything that keeps your mind distracted and your heart happy. Or maybe there are things you don’t want to confront, pains you don’t want to face, so you chase pleasure to bring relief.

I live a pretty busy lifestyle, and I usually enjoy it. but I’ve found that when life gets crazy busy, or when I get stressed out, or when there are things going on that trouble me and I don’t want to deal with them, I use pleasure as a coping mechanism and to help make up for all the enjoyment I’ve missed out on.

Instead of bringing all my tiredness, my hurts, my fears to Jesus, I do things that distract me from it. I try to bring fulfillment to my emptiness with all of the wrong things and it makes me think that I’m free from all the pains of life. But it’s a lie. Chasing things that bring you temporary satisfaction don’t free you from the bondage of burdens, but further chains you down.

If I’m to offer anything to you, it’s this: Jesus wants freedom for you. He can bring light to the darkness, and true joy and life enjoyment in the midst of pain. He wants your attention because he knows that our meaning and hope is best found in him. And when our focus is solely on him, we become receptive to the incredible workings of His Spirit and what he is wanting to do in us and through us for the sake of others and the whole of creation.



Ecclesiastes 2:1-11


What are my human limits when it comes to pursuing pleasure?

How has the pursuit of pleasure taken the place of God in my life?

What meaning have I been deriving from pleasure?


As you say aloud these confessions, invite the Holy Spirit to reveal barriers to surrender.

I confess that I am human and that I have limits.

I confess the ways that I have been chasing after a vapour.

I confess that you are God and I am not.


As a way of living into your confessions, consider fasting from what you cheer yourself with – what entertains, distracts, or delights.


Read Ecclesiastes 3:11-13.

Psalm 23 tells us that God prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies, even death itself. He gives good gifts to his children.

Ask the Spirit to reveal what God wants to set your Table with.


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