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  • Sheleena Boulianne

TEACH US TO PRAY | April-May 2023

There seems to be a pace of life many of us have that makes it impossible to thrive relationally with God, one another, or even ourselves. When asked how we are doing beyond the conditioned response of ‘fine,’ our top answers are regularly:

I’m busy. I’m tired. I’m feeling overwhelmed.

There is a hurriedness to our lives that is toxic for our souls. We shoulder burdens that we were never intended to carry.

It does not take long to notice that Jesus’ life did not look like this. He had enormous demands on his time and was living at the epicenter of a spiritual, cultural, political, and religious revolution, yet he lived at a pace that was never hurried or anxious.

The disciples saw this in Jesus, wanted it for themselves and began to recognize that his way of living was intimately connected to his prayer life.

In Luke 11 we see them ask: TEACH US TO PRAY

Without hesitation Jesus gave them what has become known as the Lord’s Prayer. This prayer of Jesus is an invitation to slow down long enough to get in step with him, his values, and his way.

Come along with us as we practice the pace of Jesus, learn to have our hearts aligned with the intentions and movements of God, and find rest for our souls along the way.

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