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  • Sheleena Boulianne


Wherever we look, there’s a cross somewhere to be seen - perched on top of a building, worn as jewelry, expressed as an image, icon, or brand.

But sometimes, the more we see something, the less it means.

What if we’ve become so used to seeing the cross, that we’ve actually stopped seeing it. It's become part of the background.

Or, what if we’ve become so used to seeing the cross, we believe that there’s nothing left for us to see?

The cross is more than what we’ve let it become.

Like a work of art, there’s a depth of beauty to be discovered as we linger, appreciate and allow the cross to draw us in anew.

Let’s look again.

In our March series leading up to #HolyWeek, we are going to look at what it means for the cross to be a symbol of both foolishness and power. Why would would Jesus embrace what looks like foolishness to the world in order to rescue humanity? Join us each Sunday as we explore #TheMessageOfTheCross

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