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  • Kimberly McElroy

WORK | March 13-18

Updated: Feb 21

Work is an inevitable part of our lives – perhaps an all-consuming part of our lives. None of us are exempt from it. To provide for ourselves and our families day to day, to care for our homes, to prepare for our future, to fulfill our dreams, we spend a significant part of our days and lives working. Much more time working than not working.

I grew up working alongside my parents and siblings as a farm kid. The don’t-shy-away-from-anything, hard-work ethic instilled in me because of this is something I am grateful for. I learned how to be responsible, manage difficult tasks and be a team player. I like to work and have always welcomed the challenge of it.

As life has gone on though, my work and the weight of responsibility that comes with it and with life in general, has threatened to overwhelm and become all-consuming, as I’m sure many can relate to.

The practice of benevolent detachment has become life-saving for me. It is the practice of simply giving everyone and everything to God. A conscientious turning over of all-consuming responsibility. A reminder that I am in control of no one and no thing. As I catch moments in my workday of praying this breath prayer, it pauses me and creates a pocket of peace and rest where I am reminded to let God be God, the one reigning above it all, and to let myself be a human being with needs and limitations.

Likewise, the intentional practise of rest or sabbath postures us to trust that we have enough. That in ceasing from work for a period of time, to allow our bodies, souls and spirits to be renewed through rest, God will continue to provide for our needs.



Ecclesiastes 2:17-23


What are my human limits when it comes to pursuing work?

How has the pursuit of work taken the place of God in my life?

What meaning have I been deriving from work?


As you say aloud these confessions, invite the Holy Spirit to reveal barriers to surrender.

I confess that I am human and that I have limits.

I confess the ways that I have been chasing after a vapour.

I confess that you are God and I am not.


As a way of living into your confessions, consider fasting from work one day this week – take a true Sabbath.


Read Ecclesiastes 3:11-13.

Psalm 23 tells us that God prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies, even death itself. He gives good gifts to his children.

Ask the Spirit to reveal what God wants to set your Table with.


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