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In preparation for Holy Week, we invite you to join us as we journey through the season of Lent together. For more information about the practice of Lent, check out the BLOG. This year we are sitting in the book of Ecclesiastes. Each week we've chosen a topic addressed in Ecclesiastes, where pursuit only leads to emptiness and unfulfillment. Instead, we need to look to the Triune God. He alone can be our source of ultimate meaning. Follow along by downloading the Lent Guide below.



You are invited to come on a journey with us through Holy Week as we celebrate Jesus on PALM SUNDAY, move with Jesus to the cross on GOOD FRIDAY, wait with Jesus on HOLY SATURDAY, and find life with Jesus on EASTER SUNDAY. 

Though we can’t travel back in time and literally walk in the footsteps of Jesus, we can capture as much of the experience as possible through the story of Scripture.  

Jesus invites us to participate with Him in his story and discover that it is our story too.  

We join him in his suffering, and he meets us in ours.  

We wait on him when the darkness rolls in, and he waits with us to speak a gentle word of hope.  

We look to him for life and, and he comes and lives in us. 

Participation changes everything.  

Whether you come to this story with curiosity, familiarity, skepticism, or hope, we believe that as we participate in Holy Week together, we will have our hearts awakened and our senses enlivened to a true experience of Jesus that will lead us to fullness of life for today. 

Come to one service or all four. All are welcome! 

A celebratory service of baptisms and anticipation.

A reflective service on the death of Jesus on the cross.

A reflective service of waiting in the ‘in-between.’

A celebratory service of the resurrection of Jesus and his victory over death. 

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