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What images come to mind when you think of following Jesus and practicing His way of life? For many, the things we imagine look like a life lived above the fray of the ordinary where struggle and difficulty have ceased and we’re operating on some elevated spiritual plane. But this is not what the way of Jesus looks like as told in the Gospel of Luke chapters 4 and 5.

As we walk through the stories found in these texts over the summer, we will discover that the in-breaking Kingdom of God that Jesus was proclaiming and demonstrating is as ‘down-to-earth’ as we could comprehend. Jesus walks dusty roads, place to place, among common people with many of the same struggles and difficulties we encounter each day. Jesus meets people in their grief, guilt, brokenness, anger, and confusion with words like, “You don’t have to be afraid”, “Your sins are forgiven”, “Love your enemies”, and “Follow me.” These invitations are then reinforced in action as Jesus teaches, heals, delivers and restores.

What Jesus did and said then, he is saying and doing now. We invite you to join us through the summer as we encounter Jesus in the everyday rhythms of our lives and discover that His invitation to fullness of life is for you.  

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