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  • Stony Plain Alliance Church

Becoming Wise

There are certain things in life that are pretty clear when it comes to choosing between right and wrong. However, there are many times in life when we’re faced with a decision, or a particular course of action and the way forward is uncertain.

How can we navigate the complex realities of our lives when things can’t be reduced to a simple right or wrong? The bible says that there is tremendous hope for those that desire to live life well and reap the blessing of making good choices. Why is there hope? Because of this one word: Wisdom.

Wisdom is more than being intelligent or smart. It is deeper and more mysterious than the acquisition of information. Wisdom is the ever-growing relationship between a breadth of knowledge and a depth of heart. It is the God-given ability to understand what to do and the courage to do it. Wisdom is divine insight and divine resolve lived out in people like you and me.

But there’s even more. Wisdom isn’t just something we receive; wisdom is someone we pursue. To grow in wisdom is to discover Jesus. Wisdom isn’t just something Jesus has; Jesus is wisdom personified.

Over this series we are going to immerse ourselves in the book Proverbs and discover the way that Jesus invites us to live with him in the day-to-day rhythms of family, friends, work, traffic, meals, laundry and worship.


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