What kind of church are you?
    Let's start with what we are not. We're not a religious, traditional, programatic or political group of people. So what are we? We are a Jesus church! We want to see people reconciled to God and transformed as they follow Jesus. Our focus is UP as we grow our relationship with God, IN as we build Christ-centered community and OUT as we serve the mission of Jesus. We are part of the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada.

    What denomination are you?
    We are part of the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada. The C&MA has deep roots in Canada and continues to grow with nearly 130,000 people meeting in more than 430 churches. The C&MA is a vibrant evangelical church denomination -- a fellowship of believers united in our need for Jesus Christ as our Saviour, Sanctifier, Healer and Coming King. The C&MA has a passion for the gospel and export it -- in its endless forms -- around the globe, supporting international workers who touch lives in more than 80 countries. Justice and compassion are deeply ingrained in Christ’s command to love others as we love ourselves. Members of the C&MA live this out in myriad ministries that seek to put hands and feet to that mission.

    Will I feel welcome?
    When asked what drew you to our church, many people sum it up in one word – “grace”.  We recognize that whether you are divorced, pierced, young or old, struggling or not, the church was never meant for the “perfect” but rather for people who haven’t got it all “figured out” (pretty much means all of us).

    How should I dress?
    Pretty casual actually.  You’ll notice even the Pastors typically wear jeans and short sleeve shirts, but you’re also welcome to wear your Sunday best.  Wear whatever you are most comfortable in.

    Will I feel conspicuous?
    In our services you can be as interactive or anonymous as you wish.  No one will “put you on the spot” but we also recognize that many are looking for an opportunity to participate and engage and we want to offer opportunities for that as well.  From singing, communion, worship, serving, giving etc. you may participate as much (or little) as you want.

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