Our History
    It was 80 years ago this year that Stony Plain Alliance Church was established. Through different buildings, including store front properties and former liquor stores, there has been a 80 year legacy of transformed lives as a result of God's work in and through the people of SPAC.

    In 1938 a small fellowship of Christ followers set out to impact its community in two specific ways; to reach out particularly to young people and to the "lost sheep", those who had not yet heard the good news of Jesus. These founding values have become part of the DNA of our church.

    The Beginning
    In the late 1930’s a group of young people began to reach out to the community of Stony Plain. With the assistance of Beulah Alliance Church in Edmonton they held evangelistic services on the main street of Stony Plain every Saturday evening. It was clear that God was working in the hearts of the people and many responded to the Gospel message. In October 1939, Pastor Herb Hoeppner accepted the call to pastor this burgeoning new work. The initial group met in the old Red and White store on the main street but in December 1940 they built a church on the same property that we are located on today.
    The Middle Years
    The next 30 years of SPAC’s life was characterized by a strong focus of ministering to the young people in the community. The preaching ministry in particular was very strong and focused on evangelism  The church became heavily involved in camp ministry. Camp Nakamun was birthed as a number of people from SPAC and other C&MA churches had a vision to reach people through this unique ministry. During this time the church continued to experience healthy growth. As the church grew the church building needed to be expanded. It was also during this time that Spruce Grove Alliance Church was planted.  SPAC and SGAC shared a pastor and enjoyed many combined Sunday evening services.

    The Seventies
    This decade was characterized by continued involvement in camp ministry, strong youth ministry that included outreaches, retreats and weekend rallies with other groups. Once again the church experienced growing pains and the church building needed to be expanded.

    The Eighties
    Pastor Steve Elliot was called to serve the church during the early 1980’s. His time here was described as a period of “powerful restoration”. It was during this time that the church was characterized by a pervading spirit of love acceptance and forgiveness.  Excellent preaching, enthusiastic worship and a strong focus on youth were some of the foundations upon which the ministry was built. During this period the church grew from a Sunday morning attendance of 50 to approximately 250 people on a Sunday morning.

    The Nineties
    Pastor Bob Opperman was called in the late 1980’s to pastor the church. The nineties was a time of renewal as the church, influenced by the Willow Creek ministry model, began to refocus its ministry toward reaching lost people. Feeling that the church had become ingrown, the leadership set out to strategically reach non-churched people through a seeker targeted church service on Sunday mornings. The little church took off in growth during this decade and reached an average attendance on Sundays of 400 people. In 1993 the church purchased the Alberta Liquor store located immediately to the west of the building and it was transformed into a modern auditorium. The auditorium was anything but traditional. Many people were drawn to this unconventional church located in the heart of rural/suburban Alberta.

    During this period pastoral staff was hired and our children and youth ministries were really strengthened to continue to reach the young families in Stony Plain. As well ministries to women became a strong focus of the church through Ladies Encounters and retreats.

    In the late 1990’s the church purchased two homes North of the building and began the AARMAC (Assisting At Risk Mothers And Children) ministry in our community. It was during this period that we began to awaken to the call of Jesus Christ to reach the whole person with the gospel.

    2000 – Today
    A new millennium brought about a new chapter once again. Pastor Graham English was called to serve as the Senior Pastor of the church. The church began a second identical service at 9:15 am to continue to facilitate growth. The emphasis during this time was reaching people and we experienced growth through new commitments to Christ. Alpha was one of the ministries that really helped many new people find a relationship with Jesus. The highlights during our services have been hearing the life changing stories of those who have come to know Jesus.

    During this period a significant ministry change occurred as we shifted our focus to an inclusive service that focuses on bringing spiritually hungry people into a life-changing encounter with the living God. While we have maintained a strong seeker focus we have recognized that both seekers and believers could experience and encounter God together.

    Missions and prayer have been two growing emphases in our church during these past few years. Our giving to missions continues to increase as does our participation in short-term missions.

    Children and youth continue to be important ministries due to the youthful community demographic. However, we are developing ministries to women, men, seniors, young adults and small groups.

    There is a great deal to celebrate as one considers the faithfulness of God through the years. As in any family or organization there have been challenging and difficult times as well. Times of uncertainty, pain and failure have been part of our past. Through all of this though we recognize God’s indelible fingerprints on the community of believers that we have called Stony Plain Alliance Church.

    As we continue to trust Him for our future in this community, our sincere desire is that we will continually be lead by God to reach out to our community and around the world. Join us as we trust God to work through us for His kingdom and His glory.